American Monster Guild presents: Middle Meezy, A Hip Hop Dallas Cowboy

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Middle Meezy , otherwise known as Middle Man is from Dallas, TX’s (Arlington Park
area). New to the underground scene his goal is to bring the crown and hip hop respect to the Dallas music scene. After witnessing the murder of his mother at age 8.
The Middle Meezy’s life has been a struggle between his natural raw talent and dealing
with his deep dark past after witnessing the murder of his mother at age 8.  Although his rap flows is as dirty and sultry as dirty south, he maintains an intelligent perspective, via his past experiences he surely has a story to tell.  His unique style and delivery has fans loving his music.  This emerging brand has taken him to Atlanta, Georgia of all places. His musical talents recently got him noticed by independent mid major American
Monster Guild out of Las Vegas.  The new scenery and environment is paying off big dividends for Middle Meezy.  Having been stamped by the Nerve DJ’s as the next emerging star in 2018, Middle Meezy has still stayed connected to his Texas roots. One way that he has stayed grounded is his unique style.  His large collection of cowboy hats can be seen on display each time he performs, which has helped form and emerge his style of hip hop called KrapHop.  For his long list of DJ’s, producers, and features, Middle Meezy is paving a unique path to super stardom.

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